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A Healer That is Healing (And Always Will Be)

Hi, my beautiful souls! My name is Adean and I am just your friendly, local healer and intuitive in training. I am not going to pretend that I have all the answers or give you some story about how I was a mess and now I'm all good. That simply would not be true. The truth is that healing isn't linear. Healing and striving for self compassion is a life long process. Another truth is that we are always going to be healing from something. In this life getting hurt is inevitable which makes healing inevitable. It is just a matter of building our self-awareness so that we have the ability to recognize what we may need or get the help we need. Recently, I have been dealing a lot with shame. I felt like I was not worthy to be a reiki therapist and help others because I still have my own baggage to deal with. I felt like I needed to be this near perfect person to help others and because I wasn't I was an imposter. I am learning that it is okay not to have it all together. That is not the core of what qualifies a person to help others; genuine love is. Love and compassion not only fuels self healing but your willingness to want to help others heal as well. And all I know is that I love people (most of the time 🙃😅) and I am passionate about it. Whoever is reading this, I invite you to be kind to yourself and show yourself love. Don't say things to yourself that you wouldn't dare say to the person you love the most. Learning to love yourself is a process and unlearning emotional self harm is also a process but trust the process, and more importantly yourself. Let's heal together

Much love & light


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