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Free Download ASMR Universe 2 Zip

ASMR Universe 2: A Relaxing Sound Creation Tool

Have you ever wanted to create your own ASMR soundscape? Do you enjoy listening to soothing sounds that help you relax, sleep, or focus? If so, you might be interested in ASMR Universe 2, a software that lets you shape a complete universe of sounds.

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What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is defined as pleasurable tingling sensations in the head, scalp, back, or anywhere in the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli. ASMR also aids in relaxation and sleep. Many people experience ASMR differently, so there are a wide array of sounds that can trigger it.

What is ASMR Universe 2?

ASMR Universe 2 is a software that allows you to create and share ASMR soundscapes. It is a sequel to ASMR Universe, which was released in 2016. ASMR Universe 2 has more features and improvements, such as:

  • More than 300 sounds to choose from

  • Workshop support to share your creations with the Steam community

  • The ability to create sound paths that move the sounds across a sound space through different speakers/audio space (left, right, behind, etc)

  • The ability to save and load universes

  • The ability to record sounds and add custom sounds (mp3, ogg, or wav format)

  • Characters that can be selected using keys 1-8 (cat,dog,owl,penguin,rat,wolf)

You can use ASMR Universe 2 to relax at home, work, or while you game. You can also use it to create ambient music, sound effects, or audio stories. The possibilities are endless!

How to get ASMR Universe 2?

You can purchase ASMR Universe 2 from Steam for $6.99. You can also buy it as a bundle with ASMR Universe 1 for $7.48, which saves you 25% off both items. You can also download a demo version of ASMR Universe 2 for free to try it out before buying.


If you are a fan of ASMR or just looking for a relaxing sound creation tool, you should check out ASMR Universe 2. It is a software that lets you shape a complete universe of sounds and share it with others. You can use it for various purposes, such as relaxation, sleep, focus, or entertainment. You can buy it from Steam or try the demo version for free.


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