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Guess Whos Coming To Dinner

The original version of the film that played in theaters in 1968 contained a moment in which Tillie responds to the question "Guess who's coming to dinner now?" with the sarcastic one-liner: "The Reverend Martin Luther King?" After King's assassination on April 4, 1968, this line was removed from the film, so by August 1968, almost all theaters' showings of this film had this line omitted. As early as 1969, the line was restored to many but not all prints, and the line was preserved in the VHS and DVD versions of the film, as well.

Guess Whos Coming to Dinner

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Why: The exciting part of this fun event is that the host and the guests have no idea which parishioners are coming to the dinner! It is a great way to really get to know our faith community by breaking bread with each other.

Thomas, Michael J., "Guess who's coming to dinner: How African American male administrators in predominantly white educational systems negotiate cultural sacrifice" (2018). Education Doctoral Dissertations in Leadership. 115. _ed_lead_docdiss/115 041b061a72


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