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More Than Honey ( Full Download )

More Than Honey: A Documentary About the Plight of Bees

Bees are essential for the survival of many plants and animals, including humans. They pollinate about one-third of the world's crops and produce honey, wax, and other valuable products. But bees are also facing a global crisis, as their populations are declining rapidly due to various factors such as diseases, parasites, pesticides, habitat loss, and climate change. What are the causes and consequences of this phenomenon? And what can we do to save the bees?

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These are some of the questions that Academy Award-nominated director Markus Imhoof explores in his documentary More Than Honey, which was released in 2012. The film takes a global perspective on the issue, spanning from California to Switzerland, China, and Australia. It features stunning macro-photography of bees in flight and in their hives, revealing a fascinating and complex world in crisis. It also interviews experts, beekeepers, farmers, and scientists who share their insights and experiences with bees.

More Than Honey: A Synopsis

The film begins with a scene of Fred Jaggi, a Swiss beekeeper who has been keeping bees for over 50 years. He explains how he treats his bees with respect and care, and how he follows the natural rhythms of the seasons. He also shows how he deals with the threat of varroa mites, a parasitic insect that infests bee colonies and weakens their immune system. He uses organic methods to control the mites, such as applying formic acid or removing infected brood cells.

The film then moves to California, where John Miller, a commercial beekeeper, transports thousands of hives across the country to pollinate almond orchards. He describes how the almond industry depends on bees for its production, and how he faces challenges such as colony collapse disorder (CCD), a mysterious phenomenon where bees abandon their hives and die. He also admits that he uses chemicals to treat his bees for various diseases and pests, such as antibiotics, fungicides, and miticides.

The film then travels to China, where beekeeping has become almost impossible due to the widespread use of pesticides and the loss of natural habitats. The film shows how farmers in Sichuan province have resorted to hand-pollinating their pear trees with brushes made from chicken feathers. It also interviews Heidrun Singer, a German researcher who studies the behavior and communication of bees in China. She explains how bees use dances to convey information about the location and quality of food sources.

The film then visits Australia, where beekeeping is still relatively unaffected by the problems that plague other regions. The film follows Brad Pobke, an Australian beekeeper who collects honey from wild bees in the eucalyptus forests. He demonstrates how he extracts honey from the hives without harming the bees or destroying their homes. He also expresses his admiration for the intelligence and adaptability of bees.

The film then returns to Switzerland, where Fred Jaggi faces a dilemma. He has to decide whether to breed his bees with a more resistant strain from Italy or to preserve his local breed that has been adapted to his environment for generations. He chooses the latter option, hoping that his bees will survive the challenges they face.

More Than Honey: A Review

More Than Honey is a captivating and informative documentary that offers a comprehensive and balanced view of the situation of bees around the world. It showcases the beauty and diversity of bees, as well as the threats and challenges they face. It also highlights the importance and value of bees for humans and nature, as well as the responsibility and role of humans in protecting them.

The film is not only a visual feast, but also a scientific and cultural exploration. It combines stunning cinematography with insightful interviews and narration. It presents facts and figures without being boring or overwhelming. It also explores different perspectives and practices without being judgmental or biased.

The film is not only a documentary, but also a call to action. It raises awareness and concern about the plight of bees, as well as the implications for humans and nature. It also inspires hope and optimism that solutions are possible and that humans can make a difference.

More Than Honey: How to Watch Online

If you are interested in watching More Than Honey online, you have several options. You can buy or rent it on various platforms such as Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, or Kino Now. You can also stream it for free on the Internet Archive.

More Than Honey is a documentary that you should not miss if you care about bees, nature, and the future of our planet. It will educate you, entertain you, and move you. It will make you appreciate the wonders and wonders of bees, as well as the challenges and opportunities they face. It will make you think, feel, and act.


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