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Sega Model 3 _HOT_

Non-volatile memory (NVRAM) consists of battery-backed backup RAM (typically used for high score data) and an EEPROM (machine settings). It is saved to the NVRAM folder at /system/configs/supermodel/NVRAM/ each time Supermodel exits and is re-loaded at start-up.

Sega Model 3

In my previous comment I linked to a thread with a possible solution for your resolution problem. Have you tried that? I once had the same problem as you and it worked for me. (I also use Supermodel on a 4k screen.) I will quote myself from that thread:

Sega Rally 2 needs PowerPCFrequency set to 100. You can do this per game. Add the model 3 rom name to the bottom of Supermodel.ini between square brackets. The rom name must exactly match, including different regions. Beneath the rom name you can add settings that will only apply for that game. For Sega Rally 2:

IMPORTANT: I am not working for the Supermodel Team. This is in no way official. It's just me, admiring Ian and the teams amazing hard work. Presenting it in a way that is usable for PC, Controller and Mouse with minimal effort. A lot of people are turned away from this emulator because of the setup. Thinking it's broken or too much hard work. I want to change that and make things easy so people realise just how good Supermodel is.ONLY COFIGURATION FILES ARE AVALIABLE HERE. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE EMULATOR AND ROMS YOURSELF. YOU KNOW THE DRILL......DON'T ASK.Supermodel recently moved over to GitHub and got some quality of life updates inc:-Being able to use recent MAME roms.-Being able to save a LOT more on a per game basis. This enables us to setup and calibrate everything with just one instance of Supermodel.I love this emulator.....but it is a pain in the ass to setup.This is more due to the nature of how the hardware worked not the emulator itself. Supermodel can be implemented into original hardware, arcade authentic setups as well as racing wheel setups, network multiplayer with multiple screens etc.Because of these factors Supermodel isn't pre setup for any specific use case, it's up to you to configure it for your specific use case.But lets face it, most of us are using a PC, Controller, Mouse and Light Guns.

Lots of Hard Work and Love Went Into ThisIt's been....long......and almost emotional. I can't tell you how scattered the info is on this platform and emulator with much of it being out of date. Including the documentation that comes with it. So, I just tested the crap out of everything. Most of my documentation is below. With this pre configuration you will get:-Every Game Working with No Errors. (AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ROMS)-2 Player Mouse Light Gun Support. The Lost World, The Ocean Hunter, L.A. Machineguns and Start Wars Arcade (yes I have calibrated for both players). For this to work the mouse indexing needs to match what has been set in the ini file. By default the mouse indexes have been set to MOUSE1 and MOUSE2. For mouse only users this is generally fine, but light gun users may find their mouse index to a higher/different MOUSE number. I have an entire video dedicated to identifying and changing your mouse index. So, if it doesn't work for you it's probably the mouse indexing, in which case follow along with the video. Most light gun users will be familiar with their respective software and will know how to set up/match inputs. This is simply light gun ready, everything set to rawinput, calibrated and controls inverted where needed. You still have to setup your light gun software. Check the ini file to see what controls I have set so you can line these up in you light gun software.-Audio Configured. Left at default the audio is quiet/loud and not balanced for most games as the baseline (not bassline) is not known. Supermodel simply sets it all to max by Default leaving some games really loud and others really quiet. So, Audio has been adjusted on a per game basis. This took ages and would probably need a video an hour long to explain. Just know that it was super confusing with the Balance option doing different things per game.I adjusted every games volume to be 'about' the same db.-Test Menu Fixes. Every game that needed a test menu fix has had it done. For E.g. the Network Board Not Present issue and Feedback Lever issue in Star Wars. This includes setting many of these games Cabinet Type to 'normal' rather than leaving them set to Deluxe. Most of the Deluxe variants have more input options (clutch, fishing line etc) that aren't used or emulated, especially for use with a controller. All games are set to Free Play, Japanese games are in English and regions have been changed to USA where possible. -Analogue Steering Saturation & Analogue Calibration. All of the racing games have very twitchy steering by default. This is because of the Analogue Saturation not being correct or calibrated. Some of these games for e.g. Dirt Devils and ECA can be correctly calibrated in the test menu using 'Volume Setting' or whatever analogue calibration function the game has natively. Other racing games for e.g. Daytona 2 and Sega Rally 2 do not have a native analogue steering calibration function in their test menus. However Supermodel has a InputJoy1XSaturation option that kinda does the same thing. By default, these games with no native analogue configuration have a lot of 'dead zone' when the steering is fully locked. Meaning you can ease off the stick some of the way with no effect on the steering in game which means the Analogue Saturation is incorrect causing twitchy steering. I have tested every racing game and adjusted InputJoy1XSaturation. This is now perfect for all the games without a native analogue calibration function, while keeping all of the steering range. This makes all the racing games far more playable. Other games like Sega Bass Fishing also needed their analogue controls calibrating in the Volume Setting function in their test menus. For full details on this please see the table below. (A lot of testing went into this)-Enhancements. Some games benefit from having different modes activated. For e.g. Sega Rally 2 'Game Type' set to 'Special' enables 3 laps per stage rather than just the one. Virtua Striker has Golden Goal and Penalty Shootout modes that are off by default, having a longer play time is also preferable in this type of game. There's also little changes like setting Speedometers to MPH from KPH. Please see the table below for more info.-Controls Have Been Pre Configured...yayyyy. Please see the images provided for button layouts. I have spent many hours on figuring out the best layouts to ensure no clashing inputs and intuitive controls, I could go into detail but again it would need a video an hour long to cover it all. Just know a 'dead zone' of 5% has been added to the analogue sticks to prevent saggy sticks from steering your car for you, or randomly entering directional inputs when you don't want. Also, some games will use force feedback to vibrate your controller.I have provided a pre configured Supermodel.ini file for XINPUT and DINPUT.XINPUT (Xbox/Windows) is by far the preferred input method. This is because all XINPUT controllers are the same between controllers with their input IDs. This is great for making pre configurations because it's the same for everyone.If you are unsure as to what input system your controller uses a quick google search should tell you, or this should tell you -tester.comDINPUT is not so great for making pre configs as their input IDs can vary between controllers.So, now here comes a...DISCLAIMER: FOR THE DINPUT PRE CONFIG I USED A PS4 CONTROLLER. IF YOU ARE USING A DIFFERENT DINPUT CONTROLLER YOUR INPUTS COULD BE WRONG AS DINPUT CONTROLERS CAN VARY WITH INPUT IDs. TEST THIS IN GAME AND IF THEY ARE WRONG YOU'LL HAVE TO USE THE REMAPPING TOOL. ONLY THE BUTTON INPUTS WILL BE DIFFERENT.So with that out of the way.INITIAL SETUP INSTRUCTIONS & ROMS INFO

IMPORTANT:-This game has an InputSkiY AXIS Input. Despite this being designated as a Y axis it's actually used for movement on the X axis.IT'S NOT USED FOR UP AND DOWN MOTION.It is for turning harder, like digging in the edges of the skis. This is how the original arcade hardware works.This is assigned to the Right Stick. Move the Right Stick in the same direction as the Left Stick to turn harder.Changing ViewThe OG Arcade HW didn't really have a 'Start' button. The 3 coloured buttons were the start button and simultaneously the view selection.Supermodel has the Green Button hard coded to Start if in Free Play. This will always start in 1st Person view.If using Free Play simply start the game by pressing the coloured view button you want. NOT the start button like the on screen prompt tells you.X/Button 1/Blue = Far View (X)A/Button 2/Red = Mid View (A)B/Button 3/Green = 1st Person (B)

If any of you have tried to change the region in some Sega Model 3 games from Japan to elsewhere, you may have discovered that they are locked. I understand that there are some codes you can input which will unlock the region and enable you to change it. Does anybody know where I might discover these codes? Unfortunately it seems that the Supermodel forums are closed.

Hmm ... maybe it's a version thing? I see you're using 0.2a and for some reason I think I'm using 0.8a. I'm away from my gaming rig, so it's entirely possible that I'm not remembering that correctly but it sounds right. (Or maybe you are using 0.8 and the Supermodel team neglected to update the text in the ini). At any rate, yeah I say go for it. Back up your config file and have a go at adding the lines described above. The worst that can happen is that it won't work, and if that's the case just revert back to your previous settings. 041b061a72


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