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[S1E2] Two Dead Men

Who is going to be the villain now that Wolf is dead? I always have trouble guessing where the Netflix Marvel shows are headed, and this is no exception. I thought Wolf would be in this for most or all the episodes.

[S1E2] Two Dead Men

Dinah Madani tells Sam Stein that she received a footage of Zubair's execution from an anonymous source, which made her certain that he was killed by the Americans. However, the video was stolen from Madani while she was in Afghanistan and the Homeland Security pulled Madani out before she could investigate. Stein points out that Castle and Schoonover are dead end regardless but Madani says that she found Billy Russo, who used to serve together with both of them. Knowing that Carson Wolf would never let her speak with Russo, Madani suggests him to organize a training exercise for the field agents, contracting Anvil, a private military company owned by Russo, and Wolf takes interest.

Castle comes in contact with Karen Page and asks her for a talk, so the two come to Page's apartment. He tells her about Micro, who knows that Castle is alive, and asks for Page's help to find him. Page tries to look up anything in the New York Bulletin archives but she hits a dead end, so she asks Mitchell Ellison if he knows anything about Micro. Ellison tells her that he was once working on the story about a hacker who was leaking the government secrets but had to stop, after he was approached by SAC Wolf who told him that it would interfere with the Homeland Security operation. Page does not appreicate the fact that Ellison dropped the story that easily, so he gives Page an access to an unprinted article that he had saved.

Madani and Russo drink at a bar and talk about their experiences in Afghanistan, as Madani reveals that she read Russo's file. Russo realizes that Madani explictly approached him for he sake of helping with her invesitgation and she asks Russo about Castle, questioning if he was involved in the illegal activity, like the heroin trade. Russo dismisses any of her accusations, claiming that Castle was an honest man who was let down by the system in a big way. Madani then leaves, as she receives a call from Stein, who informs her Wolf's body was discovered in his house. While Homeland Security conducts an investigation, Stein tells Madani that with Wolf dead, she takes the position of a senior agent.

Once dead, the group will turn to Ben, angry that Travis/David was bitten when he said he wasn't. Ben will then reveal that the bite isn't necessary to turn into a Walker - all of the survivors are infected.

As a result of Ben telling the group earlier that dead bodies always come back as Walkers, and knowing they have no way to revive Larry in the confined space in the meat locker, Kenny pushes Lee to decide whether to finish Larry off or not. Lilly insists he is still alive, and it is at this point that Lee must decide to help Kenny or Lilly.

If you do punch Andy repeatedly, Lee will eventually stop and Andy will try to mock Lee. Lee claims that it's all over and you can tell him that his mother and brother are dead, or repeat the fact that it is over.

Blum pretends to be a model named Eva and calls Edwin Schönborn under the guise of wanting to be photographed. They make an appointment for the next morning. Blum then practices using a taser and a stun gun on a dead body.

Holmes is hired by an old frie-... acquaintance to investigate a mysterious break-in at a bank in the City. Although nothing was stolen, the bank is concerned that someone was able to get in undetected and want Sherlock to find out how, but Sherlock is more interested in the symbols the intruder spray-painted onto an office wall. He discovers they are a coded message intended for an employee of the bank, who is later discovered dead in his flat. The next day, a journalist is killed and the same symbols are found nearby. Holmes and Watson follow a trail of clues that link the two dead men to a Chinese smuggling ring, who are trying to retrieve a valuable item that one of them stole. Holmes eventually cracks the coded message based on Suzhou numerals and a book cipher, but not before Watson and a female friend are kidnapped by the criminals. Holmes rescues Watson's friend but the leader of the gang escapes. After escaping, the leader of the gang is in communication with her superior, who is identified by the initial "M". She is then shot by a sniper. Holmes figures out that the banker was killed because he took a piece of jewellery from one of his shipments as a gift to his girlfriend, not realizing how valuable it was.

Following their fight with Translucent, Billy and Hughie evade the police, taking Translucent's body with them, stuffed in the trunk of the car. Billy and Hughie are shocked to find that Translucent is not dead, but banging around in the trunk of their car. Hughie wants to let Translucent go, but Billy is able to convince him otherwise, stating that Hughie will never get revenge for Robin otherwise.

After having rough sex with Skyler, Walt gets up to wash up in the bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror. The scene shifts to twelve hours before, as a pants-less Walt and a black-eyed Jesse hire a truck driver to pull the RV out of the ditch. Afterwards, the two agree to end their criminal partnership as soon as they deal with the bodies of Emilio and Krazy-8. However, as Walt finally gets the engine of the RV to turn over, a sound alerts them to the fact that one of the "dead" men isn't dead.

Despite the incident happening outside of his jurisdiction, the Deputy Chief of the Charming Police Department David Hale gets a warrant to investigate the warehouse explosion. He claimed that the warehouse's security guard was found dead by his men inside Charming, meaning he was given the investigation.

Jack spots one of the men and kills him. He and Walsh continue to look around, and another shooter shows up. Walsh calls out to Jack and they shoot at him, killing him. Jack approaches one of the dead men and takes his pulse through a rag, so as not to leave a fingerprint. He grabs one of the man's hands and pulls out a knife. He cuts off a thumb and wraps it in the rag to use for identification later.

Tim lived at The Arconia and after a short, makeshift memorial in the apartment lobby, we learn from several of his neighbors Tim was a reserved, quiet man and sadly, wasn't liked very much. To put it bluntly, a dead cat got more sympathy from his neighbors. There must be a reason everyone disliked Tim and the reason why may reveal a motive for his murder.

The men blindly return fire into the opposite forest area until Basilone gives the sign to stop. The lieutenant bleeds out on the ground with Basilone and his unit unable to save his life. He gives the order to break down the weapons and, throwing the dead man's body over his shoulder, leads the retreat back into the jungle to regroup.

Rodriguez comes over and, noticing the blood on Basilone's face, asks if he's been hit. They both stare at their dead comrade, and Basilone grabs a canteen, pours water in his hands, and furiously tries to wash the blood off of his face. One of the men comes over and relays Lt. Col. Puller's orders: Hang back with Abel company, try to get the Japanese to follow them, then join the rest of the battalion up North. Basilone is dazed, but pulls it together and orders J.P. and the other men into position. They move on.

At daybreak, Basilone grimly surveys the field. Scores upon scores of the enemy are piled up, dead. He sits with JP in the foxhole and asks if Manny's all right. "Haven't seen him," JP says. JP holds up his helmet, which has been creased by a bullet, and says he needs a new one.

So, is Sauron dead? Or is he only mostly dead? Will Galadriel and Halbrand continue their Brienne of Tarth/Jamie Lannister-styled relationship? Is Elrond doomed to help Celebrimbor forge the Rings of Power? Will Arondir get a kick-ass action scene in the next episode?

So the only path that might work is through the Bostonian Museum, a building that has been completely overtaken by the fungus. But Joel determines that the organic matter growing out of every window and crack is dry, which could mean all the infected inside are dead. So they go inside, guns and flashlights drawn, with Tess and Joel telling Ellie to keep quiet. 041b061a72


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