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Free Download Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot Full Movie MP4: Is It Legal and Safe?

Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot is a 2003 Hindi horror movie directed by Kishan Shah and starring Hemant Birje, Pinky Chinoy, Mohan Joshi, and Satnam Kaur. The movie is a low-budget B-grade film that has gained a cult following among some horror fans. However, many people who want to watch this movie may not be able to find it easily or legally. They may resort to downloading it for free from various online sources, but this may not be a wise or safe decision. In this article, we will explore what is Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot, why do people want to download it for free, how can they download it for free, what are the risks and consequences of doing so, and what are the alternatives to downloading it for free.

free download Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot full movie mp4

What is Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot?

Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot, which translates to "Ghost Behind Ghost", is a horror movie that was released in India in 2003. The movie is a remake of the Hollywood film The Entity (1982), which was based on a true story of a woman who claimed to be sexually assaulted by an invisible force. The movie follows the story of Sapna (Pinky Chinoy), a young woman who moves into a new house with her husband Raj (Hemant Birje) and their son. Soon, she starts experiencing paranormal phenomena, such as strange noises, moving objects, and violent attacks by an unseen entity. She seeks help from various sources, such as a psychiatrist, a tantrik, and a priest, but none of them can stop the evil force that haunts her. She also discovers that the house has a dark history of murders and suicides, and that the entity is connected to her past.

Plot summary

The movie begins with Sapna and Raj moving into their new house, which they bought at a cheap price from a broker named Sharma (Mohan Joshi). Sharma tells them that the previous owners had committed suicide by hanging themselves from the ceiling fan. He also warns them not to disturb the fan or the furniture in the house. Sapna and Raj ignore his advice and start rearranging the house according to their liking. That night, Sapna hears some strange noises in the house and feels someone touching her while she is sleeping. She wakes up Raj and tells him about it, but he dismisses it as her imagination.

The next day, Sapna goes to take a shower and is attacked by an invisible force that rips off her clothes and rapes her. She screams for help, but Raj does not hear her. She manages to escape from the bathroom and tells Raj what happened. Raj thinks that she is hallucinating or having a nervous breakdown. He takes her to a psychiatrist named Dr. Sinha (Anil Nagrath), who diagnoses her with hysteria and prescribes some sedatives. He also suggests that they should install CCTV cameras in their house to monitor Sapna's behavior.

Meanwhile, Sharma visits the house again and tries to steal some valuables from the house. However, he is also attacked by the entity and falls down the stairs, breaking his neck. Raj and Sapna find his dead body and call the police. The police suspect that Raj and Sapna are involved in Sharma's death, but they have no evidence to prove it. They also find the CCTV cameras that Dr. Sinha had installed and take them for investigation.

Sapna's ordeal continues as the entity assaults her repeatedly, even in front of Raj and their son. She also sees visions of a woman in a white saree, who seems to be the source of the evil. She learns from a neighbor that the woman was the previous owner of the house, who had killed her husband and son before hanging herself. She had also been raped by Sharma, who was her brother-in-law and had sold the house to Raj and Sapna. The woman's spirit is now seeking revenge on anyone who lives in the house or tries to harm her.

Sapna decides to seek help from a tantrik named Baba (Satnam Kaur), who claims that she can exorcise the spirit with her black magic. She performs a ritual in the house, but it backfires as the spirit overpowers her and kills her. Raj and Sapna are shocked and terrified by this turn of events. They decide to leave the house and go to a hotel. However, they are followed by the spirit, who does not let them escape.

In a final confrontation, the spirit reveals herself to Sapna and tells her that she is her long-lost sister, who was separated from her at birth. She says that she was adopted by Sharma's brother, who abused her and forced her to marry him. She also says that she had recognized Sapna when she saw her in the house, and that she wanted to reunite with her. However, she was also jealous of Sapna's happy life and wanted to destroy it. She then tries to kill Sapna, but Raj intervenes and fights with her. He manages to grab a knife and stab her in the chest, causing her to disappear.

Raj and Sapna hug each other and thank God for saving them from the evil spirit. They decide to leave the house forever and start a new life elsewhere.

Cast and crew

The cast of Bhoot Ke Pichhe Bhoot includes:



Hemant Birje


Pinky Chinoy


Mohan Joshi


Satnam Kaur


Anil Nagrath

Dr. Sinha

Shakti Kapoor

Special appearance

Kishan Shah

Special appearance b70169992d


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