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Serial Number Sketchup Pro 8 Mac Os X Fix

At this time, SketchUp Pro licenses aren't cross-platform compatible. For example, a SketchUp Pro license for Windows won't work on Mac OS X version of SketchUp Pro. You can tell which version of SketchUp your license supports by looking at the last letter of the serial number:

serial number sketchup pro 8 mac os x

Download Zip:

HI everyone, maybe you guys can help whilst I wait for the slothlike response from tech support Apologies if this has been posted before ( i did search).Have 2015 pro version installed on OSX. Removed license so it could be installed on another mac later on but never did so came back to same mac and entered the existing serial/license info. It says it is invalid and by clicking add license like some frenzied nutter, you eventually get the Bummer message saying something went wrong. Here you can re-enter the serial number. Standard QA-********-ALR code does not work. Then went online to check validity. Online shows a license that has been changed from the QA-**** to a RA-**** code. But that one says it is invalid as well. We notice that the maintenance and support has expired (understandably) but surely it should still alow the application to work ??

Hello looking to see if someone can help me. In 2016 I had purchased a pro license. I had my serial number sent to me to retrieve my SketchUp pro unfortunately I realized that this is no longer available on SketchUp website. I purchased a brand new laptop thinking I could download I am someone who is a tradesman now-retired who just likes to draw I do not make any money off of this software. My question is there anyone out there who can provide me with a 2016 pro version that I can download? and I have the serial number to activate it. Thanks john

Appreciate your response I did my best, I guess there is no such version left of the 2016 SketchUp pro. Such a shame for myself and others who have paid for this software and actually have the serial numbers to activate it and not being able to retrieve it.

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