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[S5E12] The Thanksgiving Special _VERIFIED_

As Luke and Lorelai settle into the cozy phase of their relationship, Rory struggles to lock down some d of her own. After his Seymour Hersh ties have been established c/o Doyle, Rory jumps at the chance to do Logan a favor. Doyle has assigned Logan a story on "the student uproar over Assistant Professor Warrick resigning" but has zero confidence that he'll finish it. Rory meets up with Logan at the pub to share some of her notes from a previous overlapping story. Logan makes fun of her in a flirty "man, Ace" way that I find disgusting. Rory blushes and tries to act like less of a nerd than she is IRL. More than anything, they talk about Mitchum, which is a strange angle for Rory to take, especially after Logan describes him as a "bully."

[S5E12] The Thanksgiving Special

The episode ends on a bizarre note when Emily shows up at Christopher's apartment apropos of nothing and gives him a big speech about how he needs to win Lorelai back. This is something the show has laid zero groundwork for, especially considering that Christopher has had zero interactions with the elder Gilmores this season. I guess the show wants us to think that since Emily's relationship drama is settled, she can focus her energy on making Lorelai "happy." Or maybe this renewed focus on weddings has her thinking about Lorelai's future? Either way, the rationale is tenuous at best. We'll go deeper in the next episode, which is the 100th of the series, meaning that I've written 99 of these fuckers so far. Imagine if I had put all of that time into doing something useful ...

"The Thanksgiving Special" is the collective name for the thirteenth and fourteenth episodes of the fifth season of the American animated television series Regular Show, as well as the 133rd and 134th episodes of the series overall. A Thanksgiving special, the episode aired on Cartoon Network on November 25, 2013.

Paul Le also placed the special as one of the "14 Best Thanksgiving Episodes in Animated Television, Ranked", stating that "Regular Show is always weird, but this Thanksgiving special takes the cake. Or should we say, "turkey?"" [5]

Her trauma is evident in her words, but it's also incredibly powerful to see her resilience, and her refusal to let what they did to her break her. Caitriona Balfe does award-worthy work throughout this episode, but in this scene especially. She's heartbreaking and fierce, the complexities of her pain and courage wrought in every line of her face.

The Dunphys throw Alex a small sweet sixteen, but the birthday girl does not appreciate it as she is desperate to resume studying for her SATs and can't abide the distraction. When her family encourages her to blow out the candles, Alex has a meltdown and starts throwing cake everywhere. (ALEX: There's a sixteen-year-old science prodigy studying cancer research at Johns Hopkins, and what am I doing? EATING CAKE!!!). The next morning, the family plans to act normally in front of Alex, whom they are worried will snap again. Even Haley has no problem deciding she would be nice to Alex, figuring she'd be the first person Alex would go after when she snaps. Alex comes down the stairs, and Haley and Luke tiptoeing too much around her gets Phil and Claire thinking they need to talk to Alex about this. But Alex is already a step ahead of them: she has found a therapist online who specializes in talking to teens and is on the family insurance plan. She has already booked her first two sessions and even plans to take the bus so Phil could commute to his open house. (PHIL: She's like a self-cleaning oven!)

Taking the top spot is one of my all time favorite cartoons, Regular Show with their Thanksgiving Day special. After accidentally destroying all the food for their Thanksgiving dinner, Mordecai and Rigby scramble to make things right and get that precious turkey. While everyone else is trying to pick up their families or get more food, the duo enter a singing contest with the prize being a naturally born Turducken. However, they find themselves competing against the likes of billionaire Rich Buckner for the prize 041b061a72


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