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Of Triton by Anna Banks: A Fantasy Romance Novel with Mermaids and Mermen

Of Triton Anna Banks Epub 15: A Review of the Second Book in The Syrena Legacy Series

If you are a fan of fantasy romance novels with mermaids and mermen, you might have heard of The Syrena Legacy series by Anna Banks. The series consists of three books: Of Poseidon, Of Triton, and Of Neptune. In this article, we will focus on the second book, Of Triton, which was published in 2013. We will give you a summary, an analysis, and a conclusion of the book, as well as some frequently asked questions. If you are interested in reading Of Triton, you can download it as an epub file from various online sources.

Of Triton Anna Banks Epub 15


What is Of Triton about?

Of Triton is a fantasy romance novel that follows the story of Emma, a half-human half-mermaid girl who has just discovered that her mother is a long-lost princess of Poseidon, one of the two kingdoms of the Syrena (the merfolk). Emma also has a rare gift that allows her to communicate with sea creatures, which makes her a valuable asset for both kingdoms. However, her existence is also a threat to the Syrena law that states that all half-breeds should be put to death.

Who are the main characters?

The main characters of Of Triton are:

  • Emma: The protagonist of the story, who struggles with her identity and her feelings for Galen, a Syrena prince.

  • Galen: The prince of Triton, the other kingdom of the Syrena, who is betrothed to Rayna, his sister by Syrena law. He is also Emma's soulmate, which means they are destined to be together.

  • Nalia: Emma's mother, who was kidnapped by humans when she was young and lost her memory. She is the rightful heir to the throne of Poseidon.

  • Grom: Galen's older brother and the current king of Triton. He is in love with Nalia, but he gave her up for the sake of peace between the kingdoms.

  • Rachel: A human doctor who works with Galen and his friends to study the Syrena. She is also Galen's adoptive mother.

  • Rayna: Galen's sister by Syrena law and his fiancée. She is feisty and loyal, but she does not love Galen romantically.

  • Toraf: Rayna's soulmate and Galen's best friend. He is funny and charming, but he can also be serious and protective.

Why should you read Of Triton?

You should read Of Triton if you enjoy:

  • Fantasy novels with mermaids and mermen

  • Romance novels with soulmates and forbidden love

  • Humor and sarcasm

  • Action and adventure

  • Family and friendship

Summary of Of Triton

Emma's identity crisis

The book begins with Emma finding out that her mother is Nalia, the long-lost princess of Poseidon. Emma is shocked and confused, as she does not know how to deal with her new identity. She feels like a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena world. She also worries about her relationship with Galen, who is supposed to marry Rayna, his sister by Syrena law. Emma wonders if they can ever be together, or if they will have to sacrifice their love for the sake of their people.

Nalia's return and the conflict between Poseidon and Triton

Emma's mother, Nalia, decides to return to the Syrena world after 18 years of living as a human. She hopes to reunite with Grom, the king of Triton, who was her true love before she was kidnapped. However, her reappearance causes a lot of trouble, as the two kingdoms of Poseidon and Triton are at odds with each other. Poseidon wants Nalia to claim her throne and overthrow the current king, Paca, who is a tyrant and a traitor. Triton wants Nalia to stay away from Grom, who is already married to another woman by Syrena law. The tension between the kingdoms escalates, and war seems inevitable.

Emma's decision and the consequences

Emma realizes that she has a crucial role to play in the fate of the Syrena. She has a gift that allows her to communicate with sea creatures, which means she can control them and use them as allies or weapons. She also has a blood bond with Nalia, which means she can sense her emotions and location. Emma decides to use her gift and her bond to help her mother and stop the war between Poseidon and Triton. However, her decision comes with a price. She has to reveal herself and her gift to the Syrena, which puts her in danger of being killed by the law. She also has to face the wrath of Paca, who wants to eliminate her and Nalia as threats to his power. Emma has to risk everything she loves and cares about to save a people she has never known.

Analysis of Of Triton

The themes of Of Triton

Family and belonging

One of the main themes of Of Triton is family and belonging. Emma struggles with her identity as a half-human half-Syrena girl who does not fit in either world. She feels like an outsider among humans, who do not understand her abilities and quirks. She also feels like an outcast among Syrena, who despise her for being a half-breed. Emma longs for a place where she can belong and be accepted for who she is. She finds some comfort in her relationship with Galen, who loves her unconditionally, and in her friendship with Rachel, Toraf, and Rayna, who support her no matter what. She also discovers a new family in her mother, Nalia, who embraces her as her daughter, and in Grom, who welcomes her as his niece.

Love and sacrifice

Power and responsibility

A third theme of Of Triton is power and responsibility. Emma has a unique gift that gives her power over sea creatures, which makes her a valuable asset for both kingdoms of the Syrena. However, her gift also comes with a responsibility to use it wisely and for the greater good. Emma has to decide how to use her gift to help her mother and stop the war between Poseidon and Triton. She also has to face the consequences of her actions, which may affect the balance of power and the future of the Syrena. Similarly, Nalia has a claim to the throne of Poseidon, which gives her power over one of the kingdoms. However, she also has a responsibility to rule justly and fairly, and to protect her people from harm. Nalia has to decide whether to claim her throne and overthrow Paca, or to renounce her title and live peacefully with Grom.

The strengths of Of Triton

Humor and romance

One of the strengths of Of Triton is its humor and romance. The book is full of witty dialogue, sarcastic remarks, and funny situations that make the reader laugh and smile. The book also has a lot of romantic moments, such as kisses, hugs, and declarations of love, that make the reader swoon and sigh. The humor and romance add some lightness and sweetness to the story, which balances out the darker and heavier aspects of the plot.

Intrigue and suspense

Another strength of Of Triton is its intrigue and suspense. The book is full of twists and turns, secrets and revelations, and conflicts and resolutions that keep the reader hooked and engaged. The book also has a lot of action scenes, such as fights, chases, and escapes, that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The intrigue and suspense add some excitement and thrill to the story, which makes it more enjoyable and entertaining.

Worldbuilding and mythology

A third strength of Of Triton is its worldbuilding and mythology. The book creates a rich and detailed world of the Syrena, which includes their history, culture, politics, laws, traditions, abilities, and appearance. The book also incorporates elements of Greek mythology, such as Poseidon, Triton, Nereus, Amphitrite, and other gods and goddesses. The worldbuilding and mythology add some depth and complexity to the story, which makes it more interesting and immersive.

The weaknesses of Of Triton

Predictability and clichés

One of the weaknesses of Of Triton is its predictability and clichés. The book follows a typical formula of fantasy romance novels, which includes a special protagonist with a hidden power, a forbidden love with a prince, a long-lost parent with a royal heritage, a villain with a sinister plan, a war between two factions, and a happy ending with a twist. The book also uses a lot of clichés, such as soulmates, love triangles, memory loss, prophecies, sacrifices, betrayals, reunions, and resolutions. The predictability and clichés make the story less original and surprising.

Lack of character development

motivations, emotions, or growth throughout the story. The characters remain static and flat, and do not change or learn from their experiences. The book also does not give enough background or insight into the characters' pasts, relationships, or goals. The lack of character development makes the story less compelling and relatable.

Unrealistic dialogue and actions